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Get 3 Weapons in the pilliar of Autumn
    After going to the bridge to meet captain Keyes, There is a cut-scene.  after talking to keyes, a message will appear saying " Get off the Pillar of Autumn."  the message will appear for about 4 seconds.  Run as fast as you can around the corners and out the door.  After the message is gone by  about 1 - 2 seconds you should have been out the door where pistol loads. If your quick enough the pistol wont load and you can grab the assault rifle and a plasma pistol or rifle. Then hurry back to the door you came out of and walk around there for a few seconds and the pistol will load then you will have 3 weapons!  
NOTE: this only works in single player campaign.        
This also proves that the game doesn't hardcode the system of only 2 weapons, so you can possibly get 3 in other levels too!